These pages chronicle the progress of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Robot Project.

The HydroBot Rev. 1.2

The HydroBot is a hydrogen fuel cell powered robot. It can run for about half an hour on a couple of liters of hydrogen, and produces only water for exhaust! As far as we know, there is no other robot out there like it. If you are interested in building a hydrogen powered robot or other project, please contact us. We will be very happy to help out!

This project was and is being built by members of The Mendocino High School Science Club. Information about the club and its goals can be seen here. The project is led by Tobin Hahn, Physical Sciences teacher and myself, Jonathan Peakall, Electronics and Engineering Mentor. It should be noted that Tobin gets short shrift on these pages because they mostly pertain to the technical end of the project and I write them.

The HydroBot's purpose is not only to explore the alternative energy source of hydrogen, but to bring this technology out into the community. The members of the Science Club and the HydroBot are available for presentations for a wide variety of age groups, from second grade to adult. If you live in the Mendocino/Fort Bragg area and are interested in a demonstration for your school or group, please e-mail us.

This project has been made possible only by the help, support and donations of many individuals and businesses. Please check out the Sponsors page and support those that support education. If you have ideas or want to help with the project in any way, please feel free to stick an oar in. We can use all the help we can get!

All pictures on these pages can be clicked for a larger image.

HydroBot Home
Power System
Visit to S.E.R.C.
GUI Application
Fuel Cell Data
Fuel Cell Links
Student Area

New Stuff

10/03/04- Major update for the HFCRP. Details of the new Bluetooth link can be seen HERE, the new sensor array can be seen HERE, and the HydroBot GUI application can be seen HERE. All of the other pages have been changed and updated as well. For a laugh, check out the History page and see a lot of our mistakes!