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New Stuff

02/24/05 - Mini Sumobots! Sumobots are small robots that try to push each other out of a ring, just as human Sumo wrestlers do. This class is a ton of fun, and you can check it out HERE. These pages contain class information, construction and assembly tips and a page with lesson plans and classroom details.

10/6/04- Added a page about the Sharp GP2D12 infrared ranging sensor. This is a cool little sensor that uses triangulation to determine distance.

10/06/04- Another major update for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Robot Project. The Hydrobot is now at Rev. 1.2, and the changes include a new Bluetooth wireless link, a 180 degree pan/tilt sensor array and a GUI application written in Visual Basic to run the whole thing. As well, all of the other pages have been changed or updated.

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